No Toliet Paper? No Baby Wipes? Need Diapers? Here are Some Cheap, Ecofriendly Solutions!

This COVID-19 virus has a lot of people emptying shelves of necessities. The major things missing in many stores is toliet paper, diapers, and baby wipes! I have some solutions, that require quite a bit of water; and other than that are more ecofriendly than the above disposable items.

I say these things require a lot of water since most of them need to be washed or require a lot of water to work effectively. They are ecofriendly since they can be reused. I have used these items, or planned to use them, since October of 2019. I will include links so you can purchase these items for yourself and your family.

First we will start with toliet paper replacements. My grandma lived through the great Depression and she said they used old magazines and washable rags to wipe during those times without toliet paper. Most other first world countries in Europe have bidets on every toliet. Some solutions to running out of toliet paper are: wash rags (I will share my reusable wipe recipe next, with things you most likely have in your house, or find your own online) or buying a bidet for $50-$100+. You can also buy a reusable travel bidet for $10-$15. A bidet now is about the same as a package of toliet paper on Amazon. There is no better time to buy reusable items if you are able.

So baby wipes are necessary as well. Adults can use these as well. I store my wash rags in a huggies wipe container, and a simple wide Tupperware container will work too! How I make my wipes is by measuring 2 cups of boiled water, 1 Tbs of olive oil, 4 drops of tea tree oil, and 1.5 Tbs of baby shampoo (I prefer a lavendar scent). I mix this up and pour it over about 40 washcloths. I pour about 1/4 cup extra of boiled water over the top to get the excess oil and shampoo down to the rest of the rags. After I use the wipes I place them in a wet bag.

Finally, getting reusable diapers has been a godsend for me. Especially during this time of viral outbreak and quarantine. My preferred type of diaper is the pocket diaper. I will link some of my favorites along with some of my favorite inserts. I have about 10 diapers and 25 inserts and do laundry every 2 days.

I hope this helped relieve some toliet paper panic! Amazon is prioritizing household necessities right now, and I’m sure all of the above items are included. I have been prepared for something like this, and I hope you can be now as well! Relax, stay home if you can, distance yourself if not, and we can get through this together. If you click on my links and purchase something, it will help me tremendously. Thank you and stay well.

Published by fractaltz

Having a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Chemistry allowed for deep molecular, microbiological studies. Currently obtaining my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling while being a new mother. A passion for writing and being creative is what has remained consistent throughout the years.

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