Do you even lift siSTAR? Strengthening the wombyn within you by strengthening your vagina

Have you heard of Kegel exercises? If you have, great! They are important exercises for vaginal health. They are important to have healthy periods, have great orgasms, and to recover from vaginal childbirth.

Did you know that Kegels were originally designed to prevent urinary incontinence in women?

The inventor of Kegel exercises was a gynecologist named Dr. Allen Kegel. Many gynecologists recommend his work, and yet many do not mention the most important part of the exercises: something needs to be INSIDE the vagina to work the muscles.

If you research Dr. Kegel’s work, you will find that something needs to be inserted into the vagina so the muscles can contract around it. Be it a finger, a yoni egg, or many other things!

Kim Anami, a vaginal weightlifter, teaches women to be able to “lift” fruit with their vagina. She says that every woman can shoot ping pong balls out of their crotches. She equates doing kegel’s without something in them like going to the gym and flapping your arms around in the wind instead of lifting weights.

I have been using Kim’s advice through her podcasts and YouTube videos to learn more about my sexual health and wellbeing. I have 3 fifteenth sizes of yoni eggs and have been practicing with them during my postpartum care.

I honestly wish I would’ve started them sooner because I feel I would’ve had a more orgasmic delivery process. Yes, Kim also teaches that natural birth can be pleasurable and orgasmic.

Back to Kegel exercises, Kim researched that Asain women who used Jade Yoni Eggs were able to recover faster from child birth. The muscles are able to work even more if there is some resistance,  of gravity to them. Many jade eggs have drilled holes through one side of them. This is so a silk string can be tied through them and you can lift stones, fruit, water bottles or so much more with your vagina!

I have personally healed postpartum incontinence with this method. I also feel more grounded while doing this practice. While I’m not quite at the ping pong stage yet, or even the fruit stage. I have noticeable results.
If you want to heal from these issues and be more emplwered through your womanhood you can purchase a yoni egg here

This site also has a lot of other great tools for yoni health and healing I will talk about in the future.

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Having a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Chemistry allowed for deep molecular, microbiological studies. Currently obtaining my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling while being a new mother. A passion for writing and being creative is what has remained consistent throughout the years.

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