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Want to plant trees with your internet searches?

From Escoia Blog

Have no idea what YOU can do to help the environment? Climate change? The Australian Bush fires?

Here’s something easy you can use in your everyday life. Switch your internet search engine to Escosia. For every few searches, they plant trees!

Plus every AD click plants more trees!!!

And today, January 23rd, all proceeds go to help rebuild the Australian Bush.

I have the search engine installed in my phone. There’s even an android widget for searches. Plus you can use it as a mobile browser!

If you prefer searching on a computer there is a plugin so you can use it in your favorite browser! Just set it as your preferred search engine to start planting!

Start today to help reforest the Australian Bush!

Published by fractaltz

Having a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Chemistry allowed for deep molecular, microbiological studies. Currently obtaining my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling while being a new mother. A passion for writing and being creative is what has remained consistent throughout the years.

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