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The Intuitive’s Experience of Intuition

Quote by Albert Einstein

Intuitive: readily learned or understood

That is the only definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary that does not include the word ‘Intuition’ in its definition. That definition makes sense with Albert Einstein’s quote in the above image. Yet, it leaves out the experience of what being intuitive or what intuition actually is.

In the description of Marriam-Webster’s definition of “intuitive”, they first relate it to “intuitive interface” of smartphones and other technology. Since it is simple and easy to use. The dictionary then relates it to the noun intuition in terms of a “sixth sense”, ESP, and the intuitive sub-stage of cognitive development.

The dictionary makes these processes all seem different, and it feels like it is written to seem illogical to have these experiences. I am here to tell you that it is completely fine to experience these things. Also, if you don’t experience these things, that is alright too; but denying another’s intuition because it seems illogical or is calling out something within yourself you are attempting to hide is harmful. Both to yourself and the intuitive.

For example, I had an ex that cheated on me. I physically felt a cord to my heart being cut when he cheated on me once. I knew he cheated on me, even though we were separated by half of the United States. I even asked him about it in person when he got back, and he denied it.

This was damaging on a physical, mental, and relational level for me. I had no facts, except for the feeling I had physically experienced regarding it. I became very sick afterwards, and carried a lot of internal confusion. A few months later, I could not let my experience go, and he finally confessed to cheating on me.

After that experience, I vowed to listen to my intuition and to my body. Since the mind is connected to the body, obviously both the rational and intuitive mind are connected to it. Like my molecular biology teacher, Dr. Rad, always said, “Structure=Function!”. The structure allows for the function to occur, which is true on the micro- and macro-scale of existence. Basically, since the mind and body are connected, obviously they function together.

The “Functioning” of the body and mind together occurs on all unconscious, subconscious and conscious levels. The unconscious parts are slightly more obvious to us since that is what we study in anatomy classes, and we would not be alive or breathing if not for these unconscious processes. The “Functioning” of these conscious levels are what help get us through school, our daily lives, how we utilize our bodies, communication with others, and form our beliefs. The subconscious parts are a little fuzzier.

The subconscious levels of functioning are usually defined by our dreams, and other things that are outside our full awareness. For years, many psychologists and “New Age” believers are attempting to make the subconscious more conscious and aware. This is what I think of when people say someone is aware of themselves or “awakened”. They have made strides in being aware of things that were not in their full awareness. Is this that “inner work” people keep raving about?

Anyways, enough with that rant. How does this relate to intuition and the intuitive mind? That is a great question I do not have an exact answer to. The intuitive mind seems to act as a mediator of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind to allow intuitions, and other information to be processed more easily by the mind and by the body. It is the bridge that connects the different levels of the mind together, yes even the unconscious parts.

It seems like intuition within our intuitive mind occurs mostly at a subconscious level, since it is always active; but doesn’t always require our full attention. It is able to cross over the bridge to influence our consciousness or our unconscious mind. It can cause a sense of “fight-or-flight” that influences both unconscious and conscious mechanisms. Intuition is a part of human experience, and it is stronger in some individuals than others.

Intuition through the intuitive mind is an important part of obtaining a “flow state”, and can be used to aid in decision-making. Yes it is a “gut-feeling”, but it can occur anywhere in your body. I have read some women experience it within their vaginas or through their hearts. Some people it occurs more as a mental feeling, and some it is more physical feeling. Intuition can be communicated in a multitude of ways, at any time, during any situation.

Experiencing intuition as an intuitive is like a feeling of “just knowing”. Whether that “knowing” refers to something that occurred, or a problem that is attempting to be solved. It just comes to you suddenly and it all makes sense, even if the path that got you to the “knowing” is nonlinear.

Do you just understand concepts easily like an intuitive? Do you experience strong intuition? Both? Let me know your thoughts!

Published by fractaltz

Having a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Chemistry allowed for deep molecular, microbiological studies. Currently obtaining my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling while being a new mother. A passion for writing and being creative is what has remained consistent throughout the years.

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